Good News: is Back, Members can now Login

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Ultimate Cycler website is now back and better. There has really been panic worldwide and in Nigeria in recently days about the crash of Ultimate Cycler Website Servers.

The founder Peter Wolfling has also released a video apologizing to members about their crash and shut down of ultimate cycler servers. Although some upgrades are still going on but members can login at transact on the platform.

What is Ultimate Cycler?
For the sake of those who are new. Just like Zarfund, Paidrocket, Givers Forum etc Ultimate cyler is a Peer to Peer, donation exchange platform which uses a 2 x 2 matrix system. In this system new users register under a sponsors matrix and must get 2 other referrals or downline to moved up the levels.

How much do I need to start investing and earning with Ultimate Cycler
To register for the 1st level a $25 (NGN 12,000) fee is paid to your sponsor, then in return you get payments from your 2 downlines and that’s an example of how ultimate cycler works.

Below is chart system of Ultimate Cycler

How can I register and Login in Ultimate Cycler Account

To sign up top ultimate Cycler, click here. After registration click on login.

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