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They are so many online donation platforms which one can invest wisely and make reasonable profit weekly or monthly with. In this post, I'm going to be introducing you to some of these platforms.

There are;

Twinkas - This donation exchange community has 4 platforms of donation. These are N5,000, N10,000, N20,000 and N50,000. This is then donated to individual account as assigned by the system. Then you get a 200% return on investment in 3weeks or less. However, In some cases members get their profit the same day. To register on Twinkas - Click Here

SomaPay - This platform also operates in a similar way, New members donation immediately after registration in order to receive. However with Somapay, you even can get help that same day and you dont need to refer anybody before you receive your payment. Visit somapay website to register on

Spring Cash Nigeria - Spring Cash Nigeria is a new donation exchange platform which began in January 2017. The platform is still new but they have been lots of testimonies from members.
Spring Cash Nigeria offers investors 40% profit in 7 days or less. The Platform is targeted mainly at Nigerians which is why it uses local bank transfer as it payment option. - Read more on Spring Cash HERE


  1. Why is site not opening?

  2. Dats a major problem with all dese naija site. Always failing n having network issue

  3. yes why is somapay is not opening?

  4. Please,has springcash crashed? please someone should tell me.


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