Cheap Data: Dial This Code and Get 200MB for Just N200 on Etisalat

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Etisalat nigeria now has a very affordable weekly internet data plan. Currently this is the cheapest and most reasonable data plan because it seems to be appreciated by subscribers who don't consume much data on their devices.

I know 200MB for 7days may sound small but its meant those who prefer less data consuming activities like chatting and surfing web pages. The etisalat 200MB for 7 days plan is NOT to be used to download.

Once you've recharged N200, the Code to subscribe for etisalat 200MB for N200 is *229*2*10#. A notification will be sent to your mobile phone once the activation is successful.

To check your etisalat data balance, simply dial *228#.

With the rate at which GSM networks are reducing their internet data plan, I'm certain that very soon 1gb will cost N100 and I'm patiently waiting for that day.

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