Throwback Photo: King Sunny Ade (K.S.A. and Evang (Dr.) Ebenezer Obey

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Legendary singers and Juju music exponents, King Sunny Ade (K.S.A. and Evang (Dr.) Ebenezer Obey, were perceived by their fans in '70s as archrivals. And they waxed many albums, the age-long industry feud. 

Their caustic lyrics were interpreted by their fans as jibes against each other and there was no sitting on the fence- you were either for KSA or for Obey. 

But decades after their rivalry, the men, KSA now in late 60s and Obey in his 70s, had openly embraced each other thereby putting to rest the reported acrimony of yore. JUJU LORDS- KING SUNNY ADE AND EBENEZER OBEY ebenezer obey and KsA in the '80s.

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