Solution to GHW Phone Verification, Account Reactivation, Email Issues, GH & PH Matching

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The GHW Xclusive admins has assigned some moderators to resolve some issues which some participants are currently experiencing. In this post, I will be listing the GHW Xclusive moderators you can contact that can help solve your problem as soon as possible.

How to Contact:
1. First you must be registered on the forum.
2. Then Simply Send a Personal Message with details of your problems.

Below are some of the problems and contact details to some moderators that can help in resolving them;

1. Phone Verification Problems: Contact KyleClick HERE

2. Account Reactivation: Contact MamiClick HERE

3. Email Related Problems: Contact KystallinClick HERE

4. GH & PH Matching /Merging Questions: Contact KendraClick Here 

5. Account Reactivation: Contact Magnificent - Click Here

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