5 Simple Steps to Fix DSTV Decoder Reboot Issues

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Over these years, they’ve been several complains from dstv subscriber concerning their dstv decoders. Most of which have been about their dstv decoders constantly rebooting when switched on. 

Most people say the reboot happens in seconds, just as the decoder initiates the channel scan.

This particular problem occurs due to many reasons, but the most common cause is a failed software upgrade.

If you are currently experiencing such issues, I will like you to try out these tips, which i will be sharing in this post before contacting your local technician. Also note that it require little or no technical knowledge.

Step 1: Disconnect and Reconnect the dish cable from the DSTV decoder: This is very important, so carefully trace out the dish cable and disconnect it, then reconnect the dish signal cable back to the decoder.

Step 2: Now restart the decoder, either by using the power button or unplugging it from the wall socket, then plug it back.

 Step 3: Press and hold down the Menu button on the DSTV remote control, then wait until the Menu Options comes up.

Step 4: Go to Home Network and set it to “DSTV W7”. Note that in some cases, it may already be set.

Step 5: Now save this setting. The decoder will now initiate an automatic scan, after this step, the rebooting problem will be totally fixed.

If the problem still persist, then I advise you contact your local technician. However, if you found this post helpful or have any questions, kindly leave a comment below.







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  1. i am using explora it does the same thing

  2. Hi I am using a HD decoder. It keeps switching off and takes time before coming back by itself. It is one year old. This problem occurs severally in a day. How do I fix this?

    1. Hello, if the tips given in this post didn't work for your decoder, i advice you contact a technician.


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