Turn Your PC to an Android Device with Bluestacks Android Emulator

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Bluestacks Android Emulator is an emulator that lets you run android applications on your PC. The program is current available on PC and MAC. In this post I will be discussing some exciting features of this program and how to make use of it.

I was really amazed when I first tried out this awesome software, the emulator was designed to suit user’s preferences. Users can run their preferred apps in various screen resolutions.

Bluestacks users also have the ability to access play store and download applications or install already downloaded .apk files and running them with Bluestack.

One of the most fascinating features is the ability to run popular instant messaging applications like BBM and Whatsapp on PC. With Bluestacks users can chat on their PC just as they do on their Android device.

To activate BBM, Users will have to sign-in or register using their Gmail account, before they can get their unique PIN just as you’ll do on your mobile device.

How to install Bluestack on PC
To download Bluestacks Android Emulator, Click HERE. Bluestack is currently supported on MAC and the major windows platform (Windows 7 and 8). The application requires a minimum of 2GB RAM to install and function properly.

How to install .apk file on PC
To install your apk file on PC, you have to make sure Bluestacks Android Emulator is currently installed.  Then right click and select “Open With” then choose “Bluestack”.

Your app will now be install on the bluestack emulator. You can start the application using the shortcut on the emulator.

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