[Quick Tip] Set PC to Shutdown at Specific Time

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Do you know leaving your PC running when not in use can drain battery power and can also reduce system performance? Such situations happen for instance when working on some word documents or playing video games and for some reason you leave what you are doing, thereby leaving the system running.

 After performing various task for up to 24 hours, every system requires a restart or shutdown in order to increase performance. Do you know that you can set your computer to shutdown at a specific time, this can be very helpful in case you sleep off while watching a movie, step out to get something while surfing the net or playing video games on your PC.

 This tip has proven to be quite helpful in cases when you are watching a movie and you start to feel tired, you can just set the timer to shutdown in 45 minutes time.  That way you wouldn’t have to leave your PC running all through the night. This can be done by typing some commands using windows command prompt.  

How to shutdown PC using Command Prompt
To do this you have to first open command prompt, press Windows Key + R, then type CMD and press Enter.

Now type and Enter the following command “Shutdown –s –t 3600” this will shut down the computer in 60minutes. You can adjust this to your preferred time by editing “3600” to whatever duration. A message will be shown to notify you that your command was successful.

If you want to cancel the shutdown command type “Shutdown –a”. Note that you should leave a space while typing.

They are also some other cool commands that can be executed using command prompt, like Restart, Log off.

To Restart your system using Command Prompt, type “Shutdown –r”, while to Log Off using command prompt, type the command “shutdown –l”.

Hope this was helpful.

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