Start Recording Your Desktop with VLC Media Player, See How!

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Hey guys, do you know you can record your desktop with VLC media player? I’m sure we’ve all heard of VLC media player, it’s one of the most popular and essential media player for PC’s.
 Most people who make video tutorials on their PC aren’t aware of this awesome feature so they get other video recording software to do this for them.

There are lots of cool features on VLC but today I’m going to show you how to record your screen using VLC media player.

How to Record Your Screen Using VLC
If you don’t have VLC installed on your system, you can Download VLC HERE.
  • Launch VLC and Click “Open Captured Device” Under “Media”
  • Click on the capture mode dropdown and select “Desktop”,
  • In the Frame Rate section, you can select 30.00f/s as your preferred Frame.
  • Click on the arrow by “Play” and select “Convert”
  • Now select the location where you’ll like to save your video by clicking “Browse” in the destination tab
  • If you wish to still modify the Video and Audio formats, click on “edit selected profile” (the tools icon)
  • Click “Start” to start recording, and Click the Stop Icon to end the recording.

Note that after the recording is saved, you may need to rename it using the selected format as the extension, for example, my to my recording.mp4

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