Photo: Car Crushed by Trailer in Port Harcourt.

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This was said to have happened in the earlier hours of the day in Port Harcourt. Fortunately, no life was lost but the vehicles were severely damaged. According to some witnesses at the scene, the unfortunate event was blamed on carelessness of the truck driver, as it was said that he should have checked the condition of his vehicle properly before embarking on his journey and commencing his duty for the day.

It was also said that the owner of the crushed car held the truck owner responsible for the damages and also the company which he was said to have worked for. He was devastated and it shock when he came and met his vehicle in an unimaginable state. The matter has since been handed over to the appropriate authority for resolution.

Some residents of the area blamed the government for not checking the activities of this drivers and other motorist for not abiding to the law. Saying the rate of carelessness of the motorist in the area is really alarming and should be taken into consideration.

However, this isn’t the first time such an event has been reported, as some weeks ago a similar event occurred somewhere in the Lagos. All this has led the government to imposed strict rules on truck owners, in order to improve the safety of lives and properties.

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