MTN BIS is Currently Rocking on PC and Android, Check it out HERE.

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Blackberry users using smartphones that operate on OS5, 6, 7 and OS7.1 have difficulties using their data on PC. Therefore many people always ask me if it’s possible to use their blackberry data on their PC. This is possible by making use of some third party applications, although some networks don’t allow this feature but it has proven to be very helpful to many.

For some weeks now, a lot of people have been using this tweak to download unlimitedly using the MTN BBCDAY BIS subscription plan on both their PC and android devices, therefore the tweak is confirmed. Note that it’s only advisable to activate daily plans if you plan on using this tweak.

How to use MTN BIS on PC
To begin, Activate the 1 day MTN BIS plan on your MTN line by sending bbcday to 21600, the plan costs N100. For a complete list of all MTN BIS plans and prices, click HERE.

Now download simple server HERE, then extract and run the “simple server.exe” file.

Configure your web browsers and other programs such as download manager to and Port 8080. Also configure your modem APN settings to

For additional configuration, change to

After applying these settings, connect and start browsing.

How to use MTN BIS on Android
This can be done by using third party applications such as droid vpn, open vpn, simple server etc to bypass restrictions of your ISP and grant data access to other application on your device.

To begin, just as I explained in the 1st tutorial above, Activate the 1 day MTN BIS plan on your MTN line by sending bbcday to 21600, the plan costs N100

Download Android Simple Server application HERE, then extract and run the “simple server.apk” file.

Now configure the application with the following settings,
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Injection method: get
Injection query/url:
Injection line: Press your enter key 4 times
Log level: debug

Now save the settings and connect.

You may also try this with other BIS plans if you wish to.

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