Learn how start Sharing Your Mobile Data with Ease using these Tips.

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Subscribers of all GSM networks in Nigeria are now able to share data with friends who are on the same network. Personally, I think this is an awesome service which will really come in handy.

I ‘m very sure that we’ve all been in situations were we run out of data but a friend has gigs of data on his phone but just can't share it. Well, that is now over. I’m going to show you how to send those megabytes of data from one phone to another.
How to Share Data on MTN Nigeria
Thanks to MTN Data Share, subscribers can now send megabytes (MB) of data to one another. To get started you’ll have first activate the service by dialing *131*2*1# or you can also send the word REG to 131.

You will then receive your default PIN which you’ll have to change by dialing *131*2*5# or by using the SMS format, which is “Change <Old PIN> <New PIN> < New PIN>” to 131. E.g “Change 0000 4321 4321” to 131.

Now that you’ve successfully changed your pin, you can add your recipients phone numbers to your MTN shared Data Bundle account by dialing *131*2*2#, you can also do this via SMS by texting in this format, “Add <recipients phone number> <PIN>” to 131. Note that you will only be allowed to add 5 beneficiaries.

To share data with the numbers on your beneficiary list, all you have to do is send an SMS in this format “SHARE <PIN> to 131 or you can dial *131*2*3#.
To check your data balance on MTN, Dial send “2” to 131 via SMS

How to Share Data on Airtel Nigeria

To Share data on Airtel Nigeria is very simple, and can be done using the USSD codes in this format. E.g to transfer 10mb of data to a friend who is also on the Airtel mobile network, dial *141*712*11*recipients phone number#,
To transfer 25MB dial *141*712*9* recipients phone number#
To transfer 60mb dial *141*712*4* recipients phone number#
To check your remaining data on Airtel Nigeria, Dial *141*712*0# or *123*10# or *141*11*0#

How to Share Data on Etisalat Nigeria
Etisalat subscribers can now share their data bundles with their friends and family, this can be done by simply dialing *229*recipients phone number *volume of MB* PIN #. E.g *229*08091234567*10*0000 #, Note that the default data transfer PIN is 0000 but if you wish to change it, you can do so by contacting customer care.

To check your data balance on Etisalat Nigeria, Dial *228#

How to Share Data on Glo

Glo subscribers can purchase and transfer an internet data bundle to another Glo user using this code, *127*Data Plan code* recipients phone number#, E.g *127*53*08051234567#. Note that you must be familiar with the data plan code, for example 53 is the code for Always Micro.
The process can also be done using SMS in this format “Gift <Data Plan Name> < recipient’s phone number >” to 127.

To send data you need to add your beneficiaries and you can do so by dialing *127*01* beneficiaries number# E.g, *127*01*08051234567#.  Note that you can also remove the recipient.  To delete a beneficiary dial *127*02* beneficiaries number#.
To check your remaining data on Glo, Dial *127*0# or you can send “INFO” to 127 via SMS or Send STATUS to 777

I hope this information was helpful.

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