Apps Lock: Secure Your Apps, Messages and Files

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Hello, have you ever been seriously in need of an application that can restrict access to certain areas of your phone, I’m sure you have because everyone loves their privacy. Most times when people say they want to “check out” your phone the first place they go is either your image or video gallery or your Inbox.

This is inappropriate but such things can be stopped by restricting access to such place using utility applications. There are many apps out there that can do this but I’ll like to introduce you to AppsLock.

 It is supported on both Blackberry and Android smartphones and it’s quite easy to use. This utility application helps users secure all areas of their device by enabling password on device applications.

AppsLock has a lot of features that will excite users, below are some of the things you can do while using Appslock;
èYou can lock any application on your smartphone
èUsers can hide and unhide gallery content like Images and Videos
èUsers can lock their Calls log and Contact list
è Change user interface to suit your preference.

How to download and install Applock for Android and Blackberry
  • To install on Android click HERE (Playstore)
  • To install on Blackberry click HERE (Appworld)

You can also install AppsLock straight from your device by opening your Appworld (Blackberry Users) or Playstore (Andriod Users) then type in the search bar “Applock”. 

Then select the application from the search result and begin to install. After installation is done, you will be prompted to set your password. 

Then you can now choose from your list of installed application, the one you will like to lock.

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