5 Android File Managers You Must Try Out

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File managers are very important utility application that every smartphone or tablet requires, they help users perform various task on smartphone or tablets efficiently. 

They are lots of file managers which have various features but unfortunately I’ll only be listed the top free file managers which I’m familiar with. I’ll like to begin by stating the benefits of file managers for the sake of newbies.

Benefits of File Managers
  • They are capable of handling all formats of compressed files
  • They allow users to hide and unhide files
  • Some File managers have the ability to convert images to various formats
  • They allow compression and extraction of files
  • Some file manager supports Task Termination
  • Support File transfer via Bluetooth, Email
  • Some file managers supports backup of Apps, Mails and Phonebook
  • They provide access to hidden locations in your devices
  • Some file managers support FTP/SFTP Client
  • They provide a complete over-view of storage on all drives
  • Users can cut/copy and pasted file to various locations with easy
  • Some file managers support cloud storage

Top Free Android File Managers
There are many file managers that supports most of the features listed above but the apps listed below are the best free Android File Explorer I’ve used. Below is a brief review of these applications and how to download them.

ES File Explorer – This file manager is highly rated by Android users worldwide, the application is packed with lots of features similar to what I listed above. The application is currently on Playstore and has over 200 million downloads so far. To download ES File Explorer for Android click HERE.

X-plore File Explorer – This is another preferred utility application that very popular on Android today. The application is very easy to use, X-plore has lots of fascinating feature and a cool user interface, making it quite easy to understand and operate. To download X-plore File Explorer for Android click HERE.

Astro File Manager – This File Manager has a unique cloud storage feature. It also allows users manage files remotely. Astro File Manager supports application back-up and task-termination, thereby giving each user total control of their smartphone. To download Astro File Manager for Android click HERE

FX File Explorer – FX File Explorer is a file manager with optional media, networking, cloud, and root capabilities. FX is designed to let you quickly and easily manage all content on your phone or tablet. To download FX File Explorer for Android click HERE

Commander File Manager – Ghost Commander is a dual-panel, customizable file manager app which allows you to easily copy and move files from one panel to another. This app offers all the standard tools of file management like create, copy, move, rename, delete, etc. To download Ghost Commander for Android click HERE

That’s all. If you know more free Android File Managers, kindly share it here.

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