How to Add PowerVu, Biss Key & Update Software for All Receivers - 2017

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To view Paid (encrypted) channels for free on your receiver you have to enter the following Biss (Basic Inter operable Scrambling Systems) key correctly.  Adding this BISS Key correctly will give you access to watch all HD Sport and Entertainment channels using your decoder. This post will guide you on how to enter biss key and unlock channels on your receiverIf you can't understand the procedures on this post, contact your local technician for guidance. 

    Download Nurstar LEG N-24 and LEG A-25 Powervu Autoroll Software

    This post will be list the latest Powervu Software auto software for Nurstar LEG decoders that will allow you watch mtnworldwide/Sport24HD.
    This page will be updated frequently with the latest LEG N-24 and LEG A-25 receiver software. - Read More 

    Download FreeSat, Alphabox and Strong Decoder Power Software 2017

    This post will list out that latest powervu autoroll software for Freesat, Gsky, Alphabox, Strong, Tiger, Cobox/Qsat, Corronet, Nurstar, Lifestar, HD Tech, Hisi3796, Funnybox and Digisat Decoder to unscramble Sport 24HD and Sony Package. - Read More

    Enter PowerVu, Biss key on ECHOLINK EL-880D HD RECEIVERSettings > System Start up > ENTER (2778).


    Also Read - Download Latest QSAT Software (Improved Performance on Powervu and Canalsat)

    How to Enter Biss Key into NEWMAX 771 HD USB PVR RECEIVER

    To enabled Biss Key Option on your Screen simply press PRESS 8899 THEN PRESS EXIT BUTTON ON REMOTE.
    Now press preview button on your remote.

    Add PowerVu to Neosat 550D Satelite Receiver
    Step 1: First of all press 9339.
    Step 2: Select Key Editor and choose Biss Key.
    Step 3: Choose any old added biss key and replace it or add New Key (Example 16 digits, use any numbers).
    Step 4: Change the CAID from 2600 to 0b00 or 0e00.
    Step 5: Now Save and Exit it.
    Step 6: Change the channel and come back to that channel.
    Step 7: Press 9339 again, go to Key Editor>Biss Key>Add
    PowerVu (ECM) Key there. The option of PowerVu will be enabled there.

    How to add PowerVu Key to Neosat 560D HD Satelite Receiver
    Go to menu>Access control> Key editor> PowerVu> edit or add new> Save.
    Go to menu Press 8888, 9999, 0000, 1234, 1122 (Key editor opened)>PowerVu> add new or edit>Save.

    Done, you’ve successfully added the PowerVu ecm key in your satellite receiver.

    How to enter Biss Key in Strong (SRT 469Xii, 4669x, 4920, 4922, 4922A etc) Decoders
    To activate Biss Key Menu on strong decoder, begin by pressing 8280 quickly on your remote control. This is open up a new screen.

    If nothings happens, you need to first activate your decoder biss key option by pressing 6969. This will open a box that will require a password, press 6969 again. Now, press 8280 to enter the Biss Key Menu.

    How to Download the Latest PowerVu Keys Software for your Receiver

    Below are the latest powervu upgrade software for the various FTA decoders listed in this post. These are currently the best mpeg4 and mpeg2 receiver in the market today. This upgrade comes with new and important features such as AutoRoll. This is automatically update the biss key to finally put an end to entering of BISS Key manually. Now that Download the receiver software using the link below; 

    China HD Receivers

    Strong Receiver and Qsat Decoder

    How to Upgrade Qsat Decoder Software

    PowerVu software for Qsat
    Note that unless your qsat decoder has expired, don't upgrade, because this upgrade will make you forfeit your valid avatarcam code by removing your avartacam menu and replace it with a spycam menu




    Speed HD S1


    How to Upgrade Strong Receiver using the Latest PowerVu Software

    Download PowerVu Software for strong 4920, 4922 or 4922A decoder HERE

    Download Powervu Auto Roll Software For Gsky HERE


    1. pls sir i have digisat dx2020x can i use powervu and if yes how i can go with upgrade
      thank u sir

    2. help me....step input biss key free sat v7

    3. for digisat dx 786 hd any powervu?


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