Man Jailed for Beating up S*x Worker.

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A court in Abuja has sentenced a man in his early 30's to jail for beating up a commercial sex worker.

The man who was identified as Mr. Madu was given four month jail term by the court, after the accused pleaded guilty.

According to the prosecutor, Mr.Madu attacked the victim in her place of work causing her serious injuries in various parts her upper body.

In his defense, Mr. Madu said the lady refused to let him carry out the service in which he paid good money for and when he ask for a refund the lady refused.

This then led to an altercation, that resulted in violence. Mr. Madu also claimed he was humiliated by the complainant by being push out of the room without any clothes on.

The court has ordered Mr.Madu to pay a fine of N11,000 and also pay the sum of N20,000 to the lady as compensation.

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