Download Latest Episodes of Mark Angel & Emmanuella Comedy Videos [MP4 | 3GP]

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The rapid growth of Showbiz in Nigerian has produced a lot of talented young men, women, boys and girls to showcase their gifts to Nigerian and earn big. Below are the list of the Richest Comedian in Nigeria who have made a fortune through showbiz;
  • Ali Baba
  • Basket Mouth
  • I go dye
  • Julius Agwu
  • Ay

There are so many talented comedians in Nigeria today and we all love Mark Angel and his funny comedienne star emmauella. This little girl reminds most of us about how troublesome and difficult we all were while growing up. In this post, I’m making a download list of the best Mark Angel and Emmanuella Comedy Videos which currently have the most views on youtube.

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Download Most Recent  Episodes of Mark Angel &

 Emmanuella Youtube Comedy Videos

1. Apollo - Episode 120.mp4- Download
2. Don't Off It - Episode-119.mp4 - Download
3. Maths Teacher - Episode-118.mp4 - Download
4. Electricity - Episode-117.mp4 - Download

5. Bike Man - Episode-115.mp4 - Download Part 1 & 2
6. Missing Emmanuella Episode- 114.mp4 -Download
7. Bad Luck Aunty - Episode-113.mp4 -Download 
8. Tea is FREE - Episode 112 - Download 
9. Don't Mind Him -Episode 111 - Download 
10. Miss Premium Pen - Episode 110 - Download

Download Best Mark Angel Comedy Videos (Top 10)

1. I'LL BEAT YOU (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 64) - Download
2. AFTER SCHOOL LESSON (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 54) - Download
3. EMANUELLA SLEEP (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 58) - Download
4. THREE OF THEM (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 69) - Download
5. REMEMBER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 63) - Download
6. SPELL IT (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 66) - Download
7. WHY (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 76) - Download
8. COMBANTRIN (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 81) - Download
9. Leave Me Alone (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 68) - Download
10. CHO CHO CHO (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 73) - Download 

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