5+ Facts You Must Know About DigitalPortal2.Club Before You Register

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Update: Don't Re-PH on Digital Portal. It is not Reliable anymore

What is Digital Portal Club and How does it Works?
Digital Portal Club is a peer to peer donation platform. DPC community enables members from around the world to provide and get financial aid among each other using Bitcoins.

Digital Portal Club offers participants 100% return on investment in 8 days. However, currently donations have been limited between $10 - $250 to ensure proper system equilibrium for its sustainability. Participants are also advised to invest using their SPARE money only.

To register for Digital Portal Club – Click Here

Benefits of Digital Portal Club.

1. No need for Proof of Payment – Just Hash Code (This is automatically generated after a successful bitcoin transaction).

2. Transactions are confirmed automatically using Blockchain API, therefore making PH & GH transaction more secure.

3.Members’ investment grows 12.5% daily to a 100% in just 8days

4. DPC rewards participant with a 5% referral bonus

5. Members are permitted to operate multiple accounts

6. When a GH or PH is initiated, The member is paired in 5 minutes or less.

7. Responsive and 24 hours support service. 

Below are some Frequently asked question on Digital Portal Club(DPC);

How long will does it take before i can Provide Help (PH)?

You can be match to provide help almost instantly, Simply click "Provide HELP"

What is the Minimum & Maximum amount to PH on Digital Portal Club?
Minimum amount = $10
Maximum amount = $250

What is RePH in Digital Portal Club?
This is a measure designed to keep the system going. This requires that each member invest again before they can Get Help. For example, if you want to invest with $100, You should PH $50, then rePH the remaining $50 to GH and so on.

Also the Re-PH timer tells you when the re-PH button becomes active (5days after the previous pH).

Once the timer hits 0. the Re-PH button becomes active, you can now recommit from that point on, to the time ur previous pH matures.

Can I re-PH below my Previous Amount? 
No! You can’t go below your previous pH. Its either you re-PH same amount or higher.

Where can i find the HASH Code in my bitcoin wallet?

The Hash ID can be found under "Transaction" in your Blockchain Wallet. See example below;

I want to Provide Help, Where can i buy Bitcoins in Nigeria with Naira?

I recommend you buy from NairaEx - Click Here

Note that after registering on NairaEx, all accounts must be Verified before a Buy or Sell transaction can be done. 

To create a Digital Portal Club (DPC) account – Click Here


  1. Hello Ebuka. Do you have idea of the minimum GH amount. I have $40 but irs telling me its too low for me to GH

    1. Don't Re-PH on Digital Portal. It is not Reliable anymore


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