13 year old Girl Molested by Pastor During Deliverance Service.

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A pastor of New Pentecoastal Church has been arrested and charged with Rape. According to reports, the unfortunate event was said to have happened during a Night Vigil Programme organised by the church which is located in Onitsha Anambra state.

The victim who is a 13 year old girl narrated her own side of the story claiming the pastor (Nzube Ohuama) during the vigil, told the congregation that he had a special assignment to carry out on her and took her into a private room and raped her.

The horrific event was also confirmed by the sister of the girl who said she got worried and decided to check on her sister. As she approached the inner room she said she could hear her sister crying out in pain.

She then forcefully demanded that the door be opened, and then saw blood stains on her sister.

It was also reported that purpose of the vigil was to performed a deliverance on the teenage girl because the pastor had warned the parent that such was need for the safety of the family.

The pastor is now in police custody and awaiting trial.

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