10+ FAQs & Fact You Should Know About N-Power 2017 Online Registration

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What is N-Power?
N-Power is a job creation and empowerment initiative of the Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria. N-Power and is  designed to help young Nigerians acquire and develop life-long skills to become solution providers in their communities and to become players in the domestic and global markets.
What are the Categories of Job Creation and Empowerment Programmes on N-Power?
N-Power Programmes are divided into 3;
N-Power Teachers Corps Agriculture & Health related jobs
N-Power Knowledge for ICT
N-Power Build for building services & artisanal training

When is N-Power Registration starting and How can I Register for N-Power Programme.
Registration portal opens on JUNE 13 2017. Nigerian Youths can register for N-Power by visiting the site HERE.

What are the Documents required for N-Power Registration?
Your BVN will be required along with scanned passport, BSC or HND and NYSC certificate. These will all be uploaded to the portal.

What if I cannot upload document to www.npower.gov.ng?
If your documents cannot be uploaded because of the size you can scan and send via email to support@npower.gov.ng . You can also edit your passport size to 45mm by 35mm by following the instructions below;

Open the passport with paint application, click CONTROL W on your keyboard, you will see option of resize by percentage or pixel, click on pixel, change the number in horizontal to 132, vertical to 170, click ok and save the new size, you are good to go.

Note that If the box is not allowing you to input the number, untick the box that have *maintain aspect ratio*, input the 132 and 170 then save.

When is the Deadline for N-Power Registration.
Application for N-Power Graduate Programme ends on the 31st of August 2016. After this date the registration portal will be CLOSED.

N Power Applicants will be notified of their assessment  by SMS a day before.

What kind of Assessment Questions will be asked?
N Power Assessment question will include personal question and also question related to Quantitative Reasoning, English and General Knowledge.

Can I Take N Power Test on my Phone and other Mobile devices?
Yes!, Applicant are permitted to take N-Power assessment test on their data-enabled smartphones.

When will the N-Power list be Released.
A list of successful applicant will be published shortly after the registration ends. However, before the list comes out, there will be a verification, testing and selection exercise that will be done in order to select applicants.

What are the criteria for selection on N-Power Programme.
The federal government will publish the criteria as soon as the registration ends.

How can i contact N-Power for details and more technical Assistance?
You can contact N-Power via Email on support@npower.gov.ng  or via their Twitter Page on @npower_ng

npower.gov.ng register
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npower.gov.ng registration
http portal npower gov ng register
my npower portal
www npower gov ng application form
www. npower.gov. ng/apply


  1. please have GH on mmmunited, its been over 24hrs now and have not got a match.. have sent a message to support but to no avail. what should i do?

    1. Are you sure you are not on Moratorium? Wait you will be matched

  2. I have asked for help since 6hrs now, I have not been Matched. What is happening


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