Use WhatsApp on your PC with WhatsApp Web Client

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The days of running whatsapp on PC using various emulators are finally over, WhatsApp fans can now take their mobile conversation to the web with whatsapp web based client that allow users chat with their contacts from their PC. 

Before publishing this post I went through some forums to observe the opinion of users about this recent improvement and from what I gathered, most users were expecting an individual program that operates on its own, one that can run separately from the app on the mobile device, but reverse is the case.

Whatsapp web is an extension of the mobile application, it lets you connects your phone with WhatsApp web client, thereby bringing all mobile conversations to the web. Below are instructions on how you can pair your Android, Windows Phone, Nokia s60, Blackberry or Blackberry10 device to Whatsapp web client;

How to Use Whatsapp on PC
Open in your Google chrome web browser (Note that WhatsApp web is only supported on Chrome Browser for now)

When the page is opened, you will see a QR code, simply scan the code using your device to get started. Note that you must be using the latest version of WhatsApp.

How To SCAN WhatsApp QR code on Android
Open Whatsapp> Menu >Whatsapp Web

How To SCAN WhatsApp QR code on Windows Phone
Open Whatsapp> Menu >Whatsapp Web

How To SCAN WhatsApp QR code on Blackberry & Blackberry10
Open Whatsapp > Chats > Menu Key > WhatsApp Web
Open Whatsapp > Swipe down from the top of the screen > WhatsApp Web

How To SCAN WhatsApp QR code on Nokia s60

Open Whatsapp> Menu >Whatsapp Web

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