Tips on How to Increase Smartphone Battery Life

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Most smartphone users often complain about power issues on their phones, the normal battery life of most devices is about 2-3 hours depending on frequent usage but you can make your device exceed this duration by applying a few power management techniques.

These techniques have proven to be very helpful, although it is advisable to also install some power management application on your device.

Below are a few tips on how to increase the battery life of your phone;
Turn Off Bluetooth – Leaving your device on discoverable mode for a long period of time tends to drain power. Always switch off the Bluetooth features on your device when it’s not in use.
Close Running Apps – Multiple application running on the background tends to use up the device power. Therefore, it is advisable to always close applications that are not in use.

Reduce Display Brightness – In some cases, you may be required to dim the display brightness of your device in other to conserve its power by setting it to an average brightness. This method has proven to be very helpful in most smartphones.

Turn off Wi-Fi – The in-built Wi-Fi radio transmitter on your device uses a required amount of power to function, therefore you should only switch it off when it’s not it use. Leaving your Wi-Fi ON constantly is not suitable.

Deactivate 3G Mode – Only make use of 3G (UMTS) when you require a High Speed Data, for instance, while downloading. After that, switch back to 2G (EDGE). The reason is 3G mode consumes device powers faster than 2G.

Turn Off GPS – Just like Bluetooth, The Transmitter in your device uses up battery energy quickly. In some cases, third party apps make use of this feature to function properly. So make sure your GPS is switch off when it’s not in use.

You can also visit your OS app store to download some power management application that can help increase the battery life on your device.

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