How to Increase Screen Size on Drifta for Windows PC

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Some time ago, I wrote about Drifta from DSTV mobile which gives users’ access to mobile TV on all their smartphones, tablets and even PC.  You can get more information about this by clicking HERE

But unfortunately, users find it difficult to watch their favorite programs on full screen using PC, because the device software has a resolution limit. By default, the largest screen resolution is about 640 x 480 and there has been lots of complains about how unsuitable this is for viewing.

I witnessed this when a friend of mine purchased this device and wanted to use it on his computer but noticed he couldn’t maximize the screen size. Therefore, I will like to show you how to resize your DSTV drifta to full screen or any other screen size that you prefer. While searching for a solution, I found a screen resizer program that can help solve this issue.

How to Enable Full screen Mode on Drifta Software
To do this you’ll need to download the screen resizer program for your device software. The available software version for now are Drifta v1.3.40 & Drifta v1.3.15.
  • Download Drifta v1.3.40 screen resizer HERE
  • Download Drifta v1.3.15 screen resizer HERE

After the download, copy the resizer into the installation folder of the Device software in drive C:, for example “C:\program files\Drifta” that’s all.
You can now run the drifta software and resize it to your preferred screen resolution.

Let me know if you’re experiencing any difficulties in doing this. Happy Viewing. 

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