Who is Prone to Cheating in a Relationship, the Man or Woman?

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Both sexes are guilty
I think both of them are prone to cheat. If a man is not satisfied by his woman, he’s prone to cheat on her to satisfy his sexual urge and same goes to women too. Apart from people who are selfish and self-centered, the reason most people cheat on their spouse is because their partner can’t satisfy them.
Men at times don’t have reasons to cheat but for the fact that our culture encourages polygamy. Temi Durodola - Works with power solutions firm

Women are guilty
Cheating is relative, people used to say that men cheat on our spouses it may be true but I want to look at the percentage now. Women do cheat more than men this may be as a result of lackadaisical attitude of the men. Some men do neglect the wife on the basics of stress from work while those men believe that with money they can buy the heart of the woman.

 Men should be able to perform their basic responsibility at home both materially and sexually in order to prevent the woman from committing adultery. In a nutshell and in recent time, women are prone to cheating than men. Best ToyinLecturer, UNILAG

Men are naturally wired to cheat
Men are prone to cheating than the women because it is in their nature to cheat as they are not satisfied with what they have. Another reason is that they find pleasure in sleeping with different women. There are some factors that can also cause this.

In some cases, the man is tired of his wife or attracted to another woman and does not find pleasure sleeping with his wife anymore. Although if the woman is a working class lady who doesn’t have time for the man, the man might be feeling neglected and this can make him to find solace and pleasure in another woman. Therefore, I am of the opinion that men are prone to cheating women.  Chidiebere Lovina – Student

Society endorses infidelity from both sexes
Men are more prone to cheating compared to females. Because most men still find solace in extra marital affairs due to so many reasons. Some would tell you that it is due to the pressure they face from their wives at home.

In our society today it has become the norms for the males to cheat and for the women to engage in amoral behaviour. Lai Adebayo - Ex-President, LASU Students’ Union

Men are easily distracted
African men aren’t always satisfied with what they have. They are somehow polygamous in nature. Some of them who partially have the fear of God will prefer to have girlfriends. Some feels that eating a particular food all the time is not the best, so they feel like tasting others.

Because men are moved by what they see, it is always difficult for them not to cheat or like ladies who can endure. They are prone to cheating because they can be easily trapped with series of gimmicks by the ladies even if they are not interested the action put on by the ladies will arouse another action from them. Taiwo Omilani Journalist

Men cheat more than women
Men are prone to cheating and so many things account for this these days including the obscene nature of women appearance which many men may not be able to resist. Also, African practice make men heads of the family and the result is that they do so many things believing they cannot be checked or questioned. So, in a nutshell men are prone to cheating than women. Bello IsmailFootballer

Men are polygamous in nature.
All men cheat. It takes the grace of God to see a faithful man but nevertheless situation can lead a woman into cheating.

It might be because she wants to get back at her cheating husband or if she is the breadwinner of the family this can make her to be unfaithful to her husband. So, I will say that both men and women are prone to cheating this is because anything can happen as they say – ‘body no be firewood.’ Adedigba Johnson - Engineer

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