Best Free File Copying Software for Windows

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Copying files from your one drive or location to another at a very slow speed can be quite frustrating; sometimes such activities can take hours depending on the size of the file or folder you are transferring.

But all this can be done at a super speed using the best file copying software; I was recently introduced to a particular file copying software which gave me a transfer speed of up 5mb/s. So today, I’m going to be listing my best file copying software and also provide download links to them.

File Copy and Folder Copying Software for Windows;
TeraCopy – This is one of the most popular tools for file and folder copying. To get this software click HERE

Ultracopier – Ultracopy is definitely a perfect alternative to windows copier, this tool enables users to move files in minutes. To get this software click HERE
Super Copier- with Super Copier, users can also move file from one location to another at maximum speed. To download this software click HERE

Fast File Copy - This utility software enables user copy multiple file between two or more location at a very high speed. To get this software click HERE

Copy Handler – is lightning fast alternative to windows file copier. To get this software click HERE

Okay, these are the software I’ve used, so if you know of any other cool utility software that copies files at a high speed, please lets us know by leaving a comment below. 



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