Would you mind if your spouse watches Adult Movies?

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 No, it's unholy, demonic
My spouse must not watch adult movies. It's crazy, unholy and demonic. Most of the things they do are under the influence of drugs. Sometimes you find out that you cannot go the number of rounds they go. 

Watching adult movies makes you do crazy things that you would normally not do or think of doing. So, I don't think it is good to watch them.
 (Stella Francis, self-employed)

She can learn from it
Yes, I don't mind her watching adult movies either with me or alone. She might learn something new about sex on how to give it to me in a much better way. I love sex and I would want her to watch it to gain more experience. 

I enjoy watching it with the right person; we can even start it at the spot and practice most styles we like.
 (Rowland Okorie, MD/CEO, Equity Concepts)

I won’t allow my husband to do such
Except for lusting after other women, why should he be doing that? I am always there to show love to my husband when we feel like. It is not cool to me. I won't like it.
 Ayobami Esther

If she is weak sexually
It is a means of sexual education when it has to do with a faithful relationship. It enhances the strength and perfection of sex in other to satisfy the sexual urge on bed. 

But for me, I would only allow my spouse watch such movies if she's weak and can't do those good styles that turn me on in bed, we might have to consider it.
 (Azeez Eletu, CEO, Eletu Concept Event)

Never, his eyes must be on me
Never will I allow my husband to look at any other woman aside me. He has to keep his eyes and imagination on me alone.
 (Morenike Quadri, teacher)

It enriches sex life
From the religious aspect it has some meanings, but in a normal sense it keeps the sex life active and enjoyable once both parties are opened to new ideas and adventure.
(Olukayode Oludayo, banker)

We could watch it together
I don't think I will welcome the idea. I can only allow if we watch it together.

(Christina Owodunni, a model)

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