Who would you choose as your next-of-kin and why?

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My wife – she is my better half
My wife is my better half and she takes care of my children. So she is definitely my next-of-kin. I would have said my children but they are still very young. I also chose my wife because when we got married the marriage was for better for worse.
(Dr. Thomson Ewata, university lecturer)

My fiancĂ©e – I am madly in love with her
That will be my girlfriend. She is my wife to be. She is more than a close relation because of the love I have for her.
(Temitayo Fashina)

My husband – he is always there for me
My husband should be my next-of-kin because my parents are late and I don’t have any other person. Since I love him and he is always there for me, so he should be my next-of-kin.
(Mrs. Ademakinwa Adebisi)

My first daughter – I am a widower
I take my first daughter as my next-of-kin because I am a widower. If my wife was alive, she would have definitely been my next-of-kin.
(Professor Theophilus Fadayomi, university lecturer)

My child should be my successor
I believe my child should be my next-of-kin but I don’t pray for anything to happen otherwise my child should be the person to succeed me.
(Mrs. Helen Musa, teacher)

My children – I trust them
My children should be my next-of-kin because they are the next after me and also I gave birth to them so I can trust them.
(Mrs. Fawuyi Abiola, teacher)

My wife - because my family is compact, loving
When I was newly married, my first daughter was my next-of- kin. When my marriage developed and I saw it is a stable family filled with loving and caring people I chose my wife as my next-of-kin because I know my family is a compact and loving one.
(Professor Demola Jolayemi, university lecturer)

My wife – she knows all about me
My wife should be my next-of- kin because she is the closest to me than any other person. I can't also remember the last time I spoke to anybody about myself. So since she knows more about me she should be the right person to be my next-of-kin.
(Tope Osatuberu, immigration officer)

My elder brother – he is my best friend
Presently my next-of-kin is my elder brother and he has been my next-of-kin for the past 18 years. Why I chose him and won't change him is because he's my best friend. Definitely, when I am married, I would decide who my next-of- kin will be but it can't be my wife. Most probably one of my sons or daughters, whichever one I am blessed with.
(Osaremen Ehigie, engineer)

My aunty – she is like another mother to me
As for me, it is my aunty that is my mum's younger sister. Apart from my mother, she is the only person I have. I am an only child and my aunty is just like another mother to me.
(Mrs. Alfreder Aborkor

My wife – we are one
In short trust is the basic criterion someone must look into before choosing a next-of- kin.
It is my wife because she is me. Then when my children come of age, I will transfer my next-of-kin to my children.

(Ifeanyi Okereke, self- employed)

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