If You Caught Your Spouse Cheating on You

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I will descend on the man first
It will not be funny because immediately I catch her red-handed; I will first beat the man with her before descending on my wife.
(Bello Ibrahim, businessman)

Both of them will see hell!
I can’t imagine what I will do if I catch them but I know both the woman and my husband will see hell with what I will do to them.
(Bukky Ajayi, student)

I will leave her to her fate
It appears I'm too special for her to keep that is why she did that. Well, there are other fishes in the pond. But at the moment, I'll smile and tell her she doesn't understand the four letters -LOVE-
(Charles Banjo, artist)

I will control myself
My mood will change totally, it might be obvious but I will still have to control my action first and ask her who is the guy and what does he want.
(Moses Tolulope)
I will beat life out of her
I'll beat life out of her. I know the level of commitment in relationship is no longer as they used to be. So I'll keep my head up and remain vigilant. If she still insists on that part I'll end the relationship.
(Tomisin Johnson, Fashion Designer)

It depends on the prevailing mood
Of course, it all depends on the individual temperament. As for me, I will react positively or negatively depending on the mood in which she is caught.
(Are Dauda, civil servant)

There will be a bloody fight
What! My wife with another man on my matrimonial bed! There will be a fight. It will be bloody.
(Gbenga Bolaji, baker)

The three of us will die
I will throw my phone on the floor, go to the kitchen to get cutlass and kill the three of us. So when we get to heaven God will judge because I can’t decide what to do by myself. I have to report it to God.
(Chisom Kingsley, student)

I will beat her instantly
I will beat the hell out of her instantly then she will explain why she cheated on me.
(Okafor Michael, businessman)

I will weep bitterly
I'll cry bitterly. I'm a very open person. When I give you all and you decided to treat me like that, I'll curse your generation and rule out the relationship.
(Kemi Omotayo, student)

I will be left in a confused state
I'll be in total confusion. I don't even know whether I should run, wait or ask why she's doing it. Confusion is the word.
(Adeyemi Favour, student)

I can’t stand the sight
Of course, my first reaction will be very odd because I cannot bear to see such a scenario, knowing well that I wouldn’t do such a thing to him.

(Abimbola Majekodunmi, civil servant)

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