How Will You React to Your Teenage Daughter’s Pregnancy?

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If she is pregnant, she is not young
If God thinks it’s too early, she will not have got pregnant.
It's simple Biology. She got pregnant because she is ready to be pregnant. All the necessary components are in place so nature performed it’s miracle. There is nothing like she is too young. If she is too young
then pregnancy will not occur. Biology does not lie. It has been proven scientifically!
Niyi Bankole, IT expert

She and the man will carry their cross
She will have to relocate to the village to have the child because it will be a shameful thing to my kind
of person and what I stand for. But if there is a father and he claims responsibility, then she
could carry her cross with the man.
– Themba Okoye

She will incur my wrath
Yes, it’s never a type of wish any reasonable parents will ever want, but in such a case, after incurring some punishment on the child, one will still have to draw her close so as to avoid more unwanted situations. That is why every good parents should ensure they properly guide their children and teach them the right thing at the right time.
Ruth Johnson, civil servant
It's never the dream of a father
Kai!!!!!! God forbid o. it’s never a father’s dream for a lovely daughter of his at all, it’s a stigma to the child and the family at large…so therefore it’s an ugly incident though it happens!
Alex Owhowheroan, engineer

I won't crucify her but scold her
Of course, no parents will be happy to see their teenage daughters pregnant, but all the same, one will not crucify her. After seriously scolding her, you will still draw her to yourself and encourage her.
Mrs. Olusewa Akila, lecturer

She will give birth to the baby
 As far as she will give birth to the baby then she has become a mother, and it’s a lesson for her and that is enough for her to learn from.
– Oluwatosin Bamidele, civil servant

I will be disappointed
I will feel seriously bad, but I won't send her out of the house. I will make sure she doesn't make that mistake again and put her back in school after delivery.
I will monitor, guide her and gets closer to her. I will even be more determined to see that she succeeds in life.
David Ademilua, wed-solutions provider

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