How to Disable Blue Colored Tick and Last Seen on Whatsapp

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We all like our privacy, that’s why many whatsapp users frowned at the introduction of some features like “Last Seen” and “Blue Colored Read Tick”. The next question on the mind of many users is “How do I disable the Blue Colored Read Tick and Last Seen on my Whatsapp?. 
Well, I bring you good news, because it can be done. But if you want to remove the Blue Read Tick, first make sure you are using the latest version of Whatsapp on your device.

How to disable Last Seen” and “Blue Colored Read Tick” on Whatsapp
After you’ve downloaded the latest version, Go to Settings, Locate Account, Then Privacy. There you will see an option for Read Receipt. Simply Uncheck it to cancel the Whatsapp Blue Colored Read Tick.

Note that you too wouldn’t be able to detect when your messages have been read and also know that this option wouldn’t take effect in group chat. So if you participate in group chats, members of the group would know when you have read their messages.  

To cancel Last Seen option on Whatsapp, Go to Settings, Locate Account, Then Privacy. You will also find Last Seen Option there. You can now select your preferred privacy option. Note that the last seen feature for your contact will also be disable so you too wouldn’t be able to see when other contact were last available. 

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