How to Buy 30% MAVRO-BTC & Use Bitcoin to PH in MMM Nigeria

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MMM Nigeria recently introduced MAVRO -BTC in the system. With this new development, participants can now Provide Help (PH) and Get Help (GH) using Bitcoins simply by acquiring MAVRO - BTC.
As we all know, Bitcoins is the fastest growing crypto-currency in the world. In 2016, bitcoin appreciated from $400 per BTC to over $1000. Therefore most MMM members see this as a welcome development.

In this post, I'm going to be explaining how to use Bitcoins in MMM Nigeria

1. To Begin, You will need a bitcoin Wallet, to learn how to Open a bitcoin Wallet - HERE

2. Now Login to your MMM P.O

3. Go to Account and Add your Bitcoin Address and Save. (Your bitcoin address is a series of alpha-numeric characters).

4. Now Provide Help and select Bitcoin(BTC) where you see “Currency You want to provide assistance in”

5. Now add the amount you want to PH. Remember you are buying (MAVRO 30% in MAVRO BTC)

Good Luck!.

For the beginners that are interested in MMM Nigeria, Start Investing with MMM today. To Begin Sign up HERE 

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