The Kind of People You'll Meet at the ATM

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We all know how frustrating it can be standing on long queues, so this is a list of all kinds of people who will definitely frustrate you while trying to redraw cash at the ATM.

1. The guy who beats the queue and claims to have been sitting in a corner waiting for his turn but mysteriously, nobody saw him when he arrived or even while he was waiting. This kind of person makes other people feel stupid for being on the line.

2. The dude that wouldn’t stop till he empties the machine; This guys redraws so much money that people on the queue start begging him not to finish the cash in the machine. Then after two or three people redraw, the machine says “temporarily unable to dispense cash”. You will just feel like beating up that guy.

3. Those kind of people who just stand and stare at the machine for minutes looking like its asking them JAMB questions, and all it is saying is “Do you wish to proceed, Yes?/No?”. Sometimes I feel like slapping such people.

4. The Careful Guy; He doesn’t want the machine to make errors like when it debits and doesn’t pay. So he redraws a small amount like 3,000 two or three times. Not minding if they are others waiting on the queue or not.

5. The guys that wants to test his faith; this guy knows he doesn’t have a dime in his account but just hopes some kind of miracle would happen, but at the end it’s always “Insufficient Balance”, after wasting everyone’s time. These kind of people claim to be have been expecting a deposit

6. The Wise Guy; This guy will claim to be helping people who have difficulties in making use of the machine, but before you know it, he has redrawn his cash and he is out. These kind of people also come to the ATM to recharge their phone with N100 credit those times when N100 airtime was N110.

6. The guy that fights with the ATM; these kind of people delay by quarreling with the ATM over silly issues like expired card or wrong PIN, like the machine will have pity on you and give you back your card. They don’t care how many people are on the line waiting for them, they just continue nagging at the machine.

7. The guy who will make sure his money is complete before leaving, like if it isn’t he’ll command the ATM to produce the balance. This guy wouldn’t mind how many people are waiting for him; he will take his time to count his money before leaving.

8. The guy who just wants to check his balance; you will think he urgently needs some cash like everyone else but this kind of person just wants to check his balance. Like what happened to alerts, doesn’t he get them?, He just multiples the queue for something that could have been easily avoided.

. . . So which one are you?

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