Would you Break-Up with a Cheating spouse?

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 The issue of infidelity in Marriages and all forms relationship is a not a new thing in society today but what most people will like to know is how forgiving can one be in matters like this. Especially in cases were a partners have been caught several times.

Over 65% of marriages experience cases of infidelity in society today. In most cases it ends up getting out of hand. We’ve all heard about the crazy things a jealousy lover can do. But the question is would you break-up with a your Cheating Spouse? I asked some people these questions and below was the reply I got.

I will seek God’s intervention
I don’t think i will break-up with my girl friend or file for a divorce from my wife because I believe everyone deserves a second change. We are all human and made of flesh; sometime we can resist the temptations of such wrongs. So I will seek Gods intervention and hope I and my spouse get through it.
(Obasi Emeka, NYSC member)

I will give him some space
Infidelity in marriage is a very serious issue, if my husband were to cheat on me I would move out of our home immediately I find out. I cant stand looking at he face of an adulterous man. 

So I will give him time to think about what he has done. And if we have kids, I would also leave with my kids. I may forgive him after a while just for the sake of the children because I don’t want them growing up without a father.
(Jumoke Olabukola)

I will break-up immediately
If I catch my girl friend cheating on me, I will end the relationship and make sure I deal with her for taking advantage of me all along. The thought of knowing she slept with other people will never let me think of reconciling.
(TeeBoi Adepoju)

We’ll call for Intervention
Although, I’m not married yet but I hope to settle down soon, but if I or my wife were to be involved in such I believe we would call for family intervention if we truly love one another but can’t resolve it by ourselves. Love is all that matters. Although, I will not do such a thing

(Godswill Umeh - Student)

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