Will the e-Curriculum Revive Education in Nigeria?

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The recent mass failure in the May/June WAEC Senior Secondary Certificate Exam (SSCE) was like “the straw the broke the camels back”. This made the Federal government to seriously look into the academic activities of primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.

After much debate, the Nigerian Education Research and Development Council(NERDC) decided to introduced an e-curriculum which will assist students academically by preparing them for external examination such WAEC and NECO. The curriculum is not only for students, teacher also benefit from this as they now have a standard and universal teaching guide.

This new development was commended by all groups, parents and even the teachers, but will it help restored and improved the quality of education in the country?, this is the major question. This has to be asked because after all, there was a curriculum similar to this that was used in teaching that also failed.

This year (2014) WAEC & NECO performance statistics were 31.28% and 74.3% respectively. If the same curriculum were used in the same exams,
  • Why is there a significant difference in performance of both results? ,
  • Are we going to witness similar academic performance using the new e-curriculum?
  •  If no, what makes the old curriculum different from the new one?

These are questions I believe we should be asking.

Using This Technology in the Rural Communities
They are many primary and secondary schools in rural areas that do not have adequate access to internet facilities. Even teachers who's duty is to impact knowledge on these kids may not be computer literate. How would this developments take place in these communities?

The government has really improved the level of ICT in education amongst various schools in the urban communities but a lot of work has to be done in the rural area to help improve the computer knowledge of the primary and secondary pupils.

 Only Time will tell.
As we and wait for productive results, we still need to remember that the system alone isn’t to blame. That’s why parents and guardians should monitor the affairs of their kids and make sure they take the academics seriously.

 There is a social trend in the entertainment industry, as many of our youth are now in one way or the other involved in it. Parents shouldn’t let the young ones loose focus and spend valuable time doing the wrong things. Ensure that the kids makes their academics their major priority. I believe if all these are taking care of, the new curriculum with produce positive results.

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