Photo Gallery: Corps Members during Platoon Training

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I just got some exciting photos and an interview from an NYSC batch B corps member’s platoon training. The corper who sent me these pictures explained how hectic the training was. According to her, the training lasted for hours and she felt pains for days.

“We did a lots of task during our training, one of the most difficult ones was when i had to climb over tall objects, which was the hardest because it required a lot of energy and after running for miles, I just couldn’t do it by myself. I just had to call some of my friends to assist me”.
“And the officers there were just intimidating us, they were shouting at us and giving us harder task to do if we fail the ones giving to us. It wasn’t easy at all”. But apart from the stress, she also said it was fun. But she would never do such exercise again.  
Check out more photo below

The Complete Photos of the Training and Events



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