Opinion: Students in Private Owned Universities are the Most Disciplined

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A University is not just a place were one aims at achieving academic excellences, along the line, morals and disciplined take its tolls on you. University education in Nigeria has its ups and downs in general but which of these universities offers the best kind of discipline to its students. They are over 70 universities in Nigeria today, all of which are state, federal or private owned universities.

Over the years, these universities have produces thousands of alumni’s who have boosted the reputation and integrity of their alma mater. But today, we are not going to judge based on past glory, we want to take a look at the social behavior and the kind ethics being displayed by the modern undergraduates in these universities.

As a parent, which of these institutions would you enrolled you child in? , Without much debate, we can agree that Federal, State and private owned universities are offer sound education to its students but what of disciplined? Which of them offer the most discipline to its students?

If a poll were to be conducted i know many would say privates universities students are the most disciplined because of they probably have first hand experience in some private universities they attended. But that doesn’t mean. I also know of state & federal universities that have zero tolerance for insubordination.

Are Private Universities the most Disciplined?
I’m sure we all have heard the stories and seen pictures of how students are disciplined in some private universities in Nigeria. Many parents rush to enroll their kids into such schools to get the best education and discipline. But does that answer our question?

No, its doesn’t, because you can take a horse to the stream but you can force it to drink. I once had a friend who spent a semester in some private university then left just because he just didn’t like the school.

His parent who put him there all in the name of discipline couldn’t do any about it. And Yes, He is far from being a saint. He was a very hard-headed and social person. These two characteristic don’t really go well with some private universities.

The Hidden Truth
Before writing this post, I gathered the various opinion of friends who are graduates and undergraduates of all these universities. To be sincere, their views and response were all similar.

However, some were unique, as a few of them felt that no university can impact discipline on your child, its only the parents or guardians that can do so. It all depends on the up bringing of the child. The universities will just unsure that they don’t depart from it. Just like in Proverb 22:6. And I totally agree with this opinion.

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