Opinion: Nigerian Music Has Little or No Moral Value

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The music industry has grown over the years and has also produced lots of talents but I think we need to ask ourselves one question. Is there really any moral message in the songs of today?

Times have really changed, I remember back in the days when songs like “One Love” by Onyeka Onwenu were frequently played on TV and radio stations. I know time has changed and things are now more modern. But we need more songs that have moral values and inspire the young ones to grow up right and act responsibly.

Our dear country is going through a difficult time now, don’t you think that songs that deliver a good message to the youths are what we really need at times like this, Most especially, songs that caution the youths to stay away from violence and all sorts of unlawful act.

Some times when I put on the radio I just get frustrated with what I hear, if it’s not something like “Shake your B**ty”, its “Baby come into my room, let me show you what I’m made off”, Haba!!! And our country is fighting a war against terrorism. How can songs like these encourage the nation?.

The T.V stations are even worse; it gets so crazy at times that our sensors board even ban some music videos because of nudity. We need to bring back positive messages into all genre of music in Nigeria.

In homes today, we have kids singing and dancing to all kinds of secular songs but can barely recite the second stanza of the national anthem or the multiplication table. This is just wrong. I really think our artistes should start singing decent songs that send a good message to listeners because studies have shown that music has the power to influence people.

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  1. Young children recognize rhythms, tones, words, sounds and pitches long before they talk, sing, or dance. So, the more music your children have in their lives, the better they will speak and read.


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