Read Carefully: The 9 Rules of MMM (MMM Golden Rules)

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Rule 1.
Do not have multiple account. You can always PH as many times as you want with one MMM account.

Penalty: all accounts will be permanently blocked, you will be banned.
MMM CRO (control & revised office) keeps track of every participants IP address. Once you use your phone to log into another participant's account ; both accounts will be under Moratorium. Moratorium is when there's suspicion on an account. Your account could be on moratorium for 14 days - 1 month.

ONLY your Guider can log into your account and that of your downlines IF you / or your downlines make him /her a Trustee

What happens if I loose my phone or laptop! And now have a new phone with a different IP address?
*YOU are Safe! If you protected your account with Google Authenticator a code will be sent to you which only you have access to.
With that code you can access your MMM from any phone or computer.
NEVER loose your MMM GA key.

Rule 2.
Do not share email or bank details with other members
Penalty: you will all be blocked from getting help until you give identity proof.

Do not delay in paying for your order,
Penalty: you will be blocked.

Rule 4.
Do not edit your banking details or change password less than 15 days before Getting help
Penalty: Your GH will be delayed for 14 days

Rule 5.
Do not click on the "I refuse to make payment" button for more than once a month
Penalty: You will be blocked

Rule 6.
Do not make deposit and fail to attach proof of payment

Rule 7.
Do not fail to confirm your payment
Penalty: You will be blocked

Rule 8.
Do not allow your family member to PH more than you. If they have more than the amount u PH'ed to donate, let them do it through your PO or tell them to register through your guider's link.
Penalty: You won't get the referral bonus

Rule 9.
Always remember to write your Letter of Happiness after every GH (withdrawal). Max days to write it after your GH is 3days.
Penalty: You will be blocked

Master them well

These rules were made to protect MMM Community. Don't forget MMM is solely based on trust and honesty between all participants. Together We Change The World

Source: MMM Community(Facebook)

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