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Hello have you heard of Pledge Cycle, It is a new online donation community that help is fast growing worldwide. Pledge Cycle offers members four times their initial pledge in less than a week and it doesn’t need referrals to earn.

How can I make money on Pledge Cycle?
Pledge Cycle uses bitcoins, so to begin you will need a bitcoin wallet. Learn how to Open a Bitcoin wallet using Blockchain. Then visit the website on >>> <<< and register. After registration, the system will pair you with another member whom you are to make a donation of 0.05 BTC to.

After your donation has been confirmed, you will now be eligible to receive a donation of 0.05 BTC from four other members. That is 0.05 x 4 = 0.2 ($200)
Note that you only have 12 hours to make a donation, or else your account will be suspended.

You will also be reward for referrals, so hurry and tell a friends.

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