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Hello have you heard of Liberty Aid Global, It is a new online donation community that help is fast growing. Liberty Aid Global offers members 30% return on investment when they PH in Naira and 50% ROI in Bitcoin in 30days. 

How PH and GH on Liberty Aid Global?
Firstly, you need to register valid Account details(BITCOIN OR BANK). Afterwards, you can proceed to indicate the amount you want to provide help for.

You are eligible to receive help for your pledged amount plus 30% or 50% either through bank donation or bitcoin exactly 30 days after the date you made the commitment to provide the assistance, for example..... you registered an order in your dashboard to provide help in bitcoin for $1000 on the 1st of August, you will be eligible to collect $1500 on the 31st of August.

Note that there are no Guider or Sponsors in this platform.

Referral bonus on

You get 5 - 10% referral bonus by inviting new participants (referrals) into the community. You get 10% referral bonus for the first 3 pledges made by your downline while other subsequent bonuses will be calculated at 5%. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. Please note that you are awarded bonus only when the payment have been confirmed by the recipient.

How to Register on Liberty Aid Global?
To open an account and login Liberty Aid Global - Click Here 

How do i join the Liberty Aid Global Forum?
To join Liberty Aid Global forum - Click Here

Disclaimer: Bukas Blog is in no way affiliate to GetHelpPlus GHP, MMM, Liberty Aid Global or any other HYIP. Invest at your own risk.

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