Current Price of Bag of Rice, Beans and Foodstuff in Nigeria - 2017

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With the current recession biting harder on the Nigerian economy weekly, the price of commodities and goods are rapidly rising in Mile 12 Market & various markets across the country.

The recent inflation of prices of goods and commodities has also lead to low patronage & some of the questions most Nigerians ask daily is "How much is a Bag of Rice this Month in Lagos & Abuja" or "What is the current price of Maize, Palm oil or a Bag of Beans in Nigeria" and so on.

Price of Food in Nigeria for the Month
Below is the latest price of foodstuff at the popular Ojota and Mile 12 market in Lagos as at October 2016.

Bag of Rice Price(Aroso/Special/Agric): N18,000 - N19,500

Bag of Beans(Normal) Price: Olotu - N35,000, Oloyin - N20,000, White Beans - N23,000.

Price of Garri in Lagos - White N9, 500, RED N10,000

Cost of BAG of Egusi- N30,000

Cost of Ogbono - N95,000

Cost of 25 Litre of Groundnut Oil – N15,000

Cost of 25 Litre of Palm Oil – N14,000

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