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As we all know, many countries are now making uses of bitcoin and the demand for this digital or e-currency in Nigeria is rising daily and as more people are now becoming involved in several online business such HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) and MLM (Multi Level Marketing) programs like MMM, Zarfund Ultimate Cycler etc. Although some of these business operate in their local currency but in the case of MMM, investors get a higher profit when the provide help in bitcoin.

So if you are looking to fund your Bitcoin Wallet, sell Bitcoin or Perfect Money in Nigeria, in this post, I'm going to be making a list of the Best Bitcoin Exchange websites in Nigeria that offer the best rates and quick funding and also transact in Naira(NGN). You can also get accurate & updated bitcoin to naira conversion rate from these site below;


Below are some of the benefits of buying and selling cryptocurrency with these websites.
1. They are reliable and All transactions are easy, secure and the fees are low.
2. They offer commission on referral trades.
3. Support the use of Naira and allow National Bank Transfer for Payments.
4. They Exchange, Create, Buy and Sell orders for Bitcoins, Naira, and Perfect Money.

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