Back to School: Get These Items at the Cheapest Price

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The summer holiday is gradually coming to an end and  by now I know all students who be preparing to resume so I made a list of necessary items will they could get at good prices from online retails stores in Nigeria.

If you are looking for quality laptops at affordable prices, I advice you take advantage of this offer. They are laptop ranging between N50,000 – N85,000 from popular brands like HP, Acer, Dell and so on.  Buy Now from Konga Online Store.

Tablets and Phones
Take advantage of this offer to get some of the besting selling phones and tablets in Nigeria today at affordable prices. The offers only last for a couple of weeks because is mainly targeted at returning students. Get this deal from Konga Online Store Buy Now

This offer also includes gadgets and electronics like Portable Music Players, DVDs, LED televisions, Cameras, Home theatre and lots more items which students need. Konga Online Store Buy Now

Books & Stationary
There is also a large variety of educational items on sale such as Text Books, Novels, and stationary. You’ll be amazed when you check out these affordable educational items at Konga Online Store Buy Now

Others things such as Bags, Beauty and Fragrances and Home & Kitchen items are also online. So get them by clicking these links;
  • Buy Bags and Luggage’s at Konga Online Store Buy Now
  • Home & Kitchen Appliance at Konga Online Store Buy Now
  • Beauty & Fragrance Products at Konga Online Store Buy Now

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