So, Whats Next After Failing Post-UME.

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Another admission year has come and gone, and by now prospective university, polytechnic or college of education students would have been certain about their admission status. But what is the next step to take for students who are to deal another failed attempt at securing admission.

Each year about 1.2million candidates sit for JAMB but how many get admission and where will they remaining go, what will they do? The break down of the statistic is very disturbing.

The University matriculation board made it known that the 2014 UME had about 1.5milllion candidates who applied for admission, they also said there were very limited admission slots. The said part of this story is that only about 500,000 will be admitted into various higher institutions to study their preferred courses.

Reviewing the Cut-0ff Marks
Majority of candidates score above the cut-off mark given by JAMB, the next step is to prepare for Post-UME(Post-JAMB). “The word on the street” is that Post-UME is more difficult than JAMB. This is because many candidates manage to attain high scores in JAMB but surprisingly fail to do the same in the Post-JAMB exams set by the university they apply for.

They are many reasons to this. Some say it’s due to malpractice while other say it’s simply because the Post-UME exams are a bit more difficult. This issue has been seriously debated over the years.

However, they are cases whereby the higher institution will have to increase their cut-off marks due to the large number of applicant and very limited admission slots. For example, a faculty may have an admission capacity of 2000 students where 10,000 students are applying for admission. The cut-off mark would definitely be high, leading to serious competition amongst applicants.

Some Students End-Up in Neighboring Countries
A Large number of Nigerian students are currently students in universities in Ghana and Benin Republic. I wrote about How Nigeria Undergraduates Populate Universities in Benin Republic, where I explained some factors they lead to this.

Each year the number of students that register in universities in Ghana and Republic of Benin increases due to the limited admission slots in our universities. Although some parents choose to send their children to Ghana and Republic of Benin to school to avoid set backs like strike actions, and even though the fees are quite exorbitant, parents still decide to keep enrolling kids at all cost.

Others Study in the UK and US etc
After series on unsuccessful attempt, very few Nigerians travel out to continue their education in universities in the UK, US, Canada and other European or even Asian countries. Sadly this option is only for the wealth class.

While Others Just Sit at Home and Apply AGAIN next Year
Parents are disappointed with the degrading form of the Nigerian educational system while our Teen & Youths are frustrated with the academic system of the nation. They have no choice but to keep trying and hoping that some day it would all be a thing of the past.

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