NYSC Online Call-Up Letter Fee, Good or Not

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Nigerians commended the National Youth Service Corp for all their recent improvements in the registration of foreign and locally trained graduates for the programme except for the N4000 fee of for call-up letter. This really been an issue of debated as many think the fee is either un-necessary or expensive.

However, all Nigerians like the idea of not having to go back to their university to pick up their call-up letters, as they can now print various copies online via email. This is very helpful. The new NYSC registration system also favors foreign trained graduates as they no longer have to go travel to NYSC HQ in Abuja to get their Call-Up letters.

There are speculations that NYSC may reduce or suspend the fee. But the DG hasn’t confirmed such rumors so I guess it’s false. However, the NYSC director general feels Nigerians misinterpreted their intentions, saying the new development where to make the registration of prospective corps members easier and not to extort them.

In the past weeks various groups have called for the removal or reduction of the fee, saying the charges are just a means of extorting money from prospective corps member. Citing how they are making Nigerian pay to serve the country. I personally think it is absurd. Even if they would be a fee for registration and printing of call-up letters online, it should not be at that amount.

Cyber Cafes & Registration of Prospective Corps Members
The NYSC made it clear that all registration shouldn’t cost more than N500.  They have been reported cases of cyber cafes charging exorbitant fee for registration of corps member. However, such cyber cafes have been blacklisted by NYSC, and approved registration centres have been set-up to assist in the registration.

During NYSC registration some people complained about experiencing some difficulties in entering their date of birth during online registration. But this was immediately resolved. I advice anyone experiencing such issues to visit the NYSC website for help or any approved registration centres for solutions.

House of Reps Finally abolishes the Policy
On the 30th of September the House of representative ordered the NYSC to stop the N4,000 fee for the processing of call-up letters of prospective corps member. So now, the long and heated debate can finally come to end. The House saw the fee as exploitative and unjust. This would really come as a relief to the NYSC Batch C and Batch A members.

My own opinion: I think the online registration and processing of call-up letter is a brilliant idea, but the fee is on the high-side.  This alternative method shouldn’t be stopped, it should be reviewed so it could be suitable and acceptable by all.
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