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Full Download. The Flash Season 3 -Episodes 13 | 14 | 15 

The Flash Season 3 E10 "Borrowing Problems from the Future"

Barry has been having nightmares about Iris's murder. Jared Morillo attempts a robbery, but is confronted by Barry, who recalls a news report during his visit in the future when the latter captures the former. The distraction allows Morillo to overpower Barry and escape. H.R. launches the museum, but no one visits it. In a second confrontation, Wally intervenes and captures Morillo, gaining praise by everyone except Barry. He eventually reveals the future he saw to everyone but Joe. 

The Flash Season 3 E11 - "Dead or Alive"

The woman, who is called Gypsy, is a bounty hunter with vibe powers similar to Cisco's intending to take H.R. back to Earth-19 for trial and execution, as inter-dimensional travel is forbidden there. Cisco demands a trial by combat, which she accepts. Barry and H.R. try to ambush her, but are easily defeated. Julian finds a stratagem for Cisco, who uses it to defeat her. Rather than killing her, he allows her to return to Earth-19, but she makes it clear that H.R. can never return, since she will state that she killed him.

The Flash Season 3 E12 - "Untouchable"

Barry and Wally continue their training in order to save Iris from Savitar. They race against each other and Barry wins easily by phasing through a building. Julian finds a decayed corpse that was murdered just eight hours ago. He informs Joe that this is surely the work of a metahuman. The body is taken to STAR Labs for investigation, where Caitlin and Julian observe it turns to ash. Iris confesses to Barry that she is afraid of her future.

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