Are You Preparing for ACCA & ICAN Exams?, Enroll at These Training Centers in Nigeria

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If you intend to be certified in ACCA or ICAN, then you should be thinking on enrolling in a training center as this can improve your chances of success. The main objectives of ICAN or ACCA training center is to make qualified graduates fully prepared for the exam. Every Graduate of Accounting desires to be certified in ACCA and ICAN as this can ensure a rewarding career in accountancy, Finance and Management. 

Professional Exams like ACCA isn’t just about accounting because students also acquire a range of skills and knowledge in Law, Banking, Finance, Taxation and Audit and all this experience gained create employment opportunities any where in Nigeria and all over world.

Some Details about ACCA in Nigeria
Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) is the global leading professional accounting body and its certificates are recognized internationally at the highest levels of business. ACCA exams are divided into two levels which are the Fundamental and Professional Levels.  

ACCA exams are taken twice yearly and these exams are schedule for June and December. Registration for ACCA exam can be done in person or through training centers in the country. To qualify as an ACCA member is a very difficult task as you’ll need to fulfill and list of requirements like the completion of the Professional Ethics Module and more.

Some Details about ICAN Professional Examination in Nigeria
ICAN Professional Exams are only taken twice yearly and these exams are schedule for May and November. ICAN Professional Stage has 3 levels which are Knowledge, Application and Professional and only graduates with professional qualifications, HND or B.SC from recognized institutions are eligible to take part in ICAN Professional exam. Note that candidates are to passes the initial level before they can be eligible to for next level.

There are many training centers in Nigeria that can assist students however they must be fully qualified and have the minimum requirements like OND, ND, HND, B.SC, and B.TECH. I made a list of the Best ACCA & ICAN training schools in Nigeria to help graduate who are seeking certified training centers to register in order to prepare for their professional exams.

ACCA & ICAN Training Centers in Nigeria
Bratim – Bratim Training Nigeria is a management and a career development organization. They offer quality training on various degrees such ACCA, ICAN, CISA, Project Management and more. Their programmes are attended by executives, senior manager and staff of Banks and other members of society. Some benefits of enrolling with the institute are the advantage of a flexible tuition option, Qualified Experienced Tutors, Internet Access for research and study etc. You can contact the study center on 0803 0408 384

3V Learning Centers – The institute provides a learning platform for exams like ACCA, CISA, GMAT, TOEFL and more. 3V Learning Center has helped a lot of people gain academic success and also in their individual careers. They offer various tutoring method such as E-learning, Distant Learning and Classroom Tuition. You can contact its Lagos Centers on 0802 330 6865

Synergy Professionals – Synergy is a training organization that offers tuition for ACCA examination in Nigeria. The institute is the first ACCA Approved Learning Partner Student Tuition in Sub-Sahare West Africa with Gold Status. They also have the best league of specialists in the industry. Synergy is located in Lagos, You can contact the institute on 0705 057 1587

Wyse Associates Limited – This is one of the Best ICAN training schools in Nigeria, Wyse aims to empower students with quality business knowledge and professional skills. The institute achieves this by offering a flexible learning solution and outstanding educational materials. You can contact its Lagos Center on 0805 294 637

Hedge Professional Service – The Company is located in Abuja, Nigeria. HPS offers an array of training and advisory services for individuals, Cooperate organizations and Government Agencies. Training in ACCA and ICAN exams is treated with the exam syllabus and a substantial amount of exam related questions. You can contact HPS on 0810 6932 168

Treasurehall Training Center - Treasurehall Training Center offers training in ICAN, ACCA and ATS. The institute aims at providing the best practice consultancy and training services with the aid  of a sound technical & managerial competence. You can contact the training center on

PROCFAC Service Limited – The training center coaches student on ICAN & ACCA exams, Computer training, Book keeping and more. PROCFAC has a team of high experienced and qualified tutors and these trainers have help produce disciplined chartered Accountants and full certified graduates. You can contact the Abia training center on 0806 380 2610

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