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How to Check for WAEC 2017 Result online(www.waecdirect.org)

Follow these simple steps to check your 2017 WAEC Result:
1.  By the WAEC scratch card from any dealer e.g banks, Post Office, WAEC office and other authorized dealers in your area.
2. Visit WAEC website at www.waecdirect.org
3. On the WAEC page, provide all the necessary information. e.g Center Number, Seat Number.
4. Select the year of the examination. e.g 2017
5. Select the examination type e.g May/June
6. Finally, enter the scratch card pin and the associated serial number as required.

The West African Senior Secondary Certificate Exam (WASSCE) May/June 2016 results that were released oAugust 5th took many by surprise, as the papers say that over 52.97%, obtained credits in five subjects and above, including English Language and Mathematics.  

Last year results weren’t even this bad, I thought things were supposed to be getting better. I talked about it on some of my social media accounts and asked some people to let me know what they think. I got lots of replied so I decided to share some with you guys… Enjoy!!!

‘I just don’t understand what is going on, we need to ask ourselves why our academic performance will be degrading by the year and when will it get better, these are some questions that are in need of urgent answer and solutions. I remember when I was about writing my SSCE’s years ago, my parents wouldn’t even let me get involved in activities that will distract me from my studies, they would banned all kind of social and recreational activities. It was like we were living in jail, no TV, Video Games or even visits from friends. We studied all through in order to be fully prepared for out WAEC. 

Nowadays such things don’t happen again, I don’t know, It’s like nobody cares if they prepare or not. I think this is the reason why students fail WAEC, it’s due to lack of adequate preparation, and the only way things can get better is for us to introduce some strict measures at home and in our schools. Thank You’
Adedayo -FUTA

‘I’ve been writing these exams for almost 2 years now. Last year alone I took WAEC & NECO GCE together but it didn’t work out, I don’t just know what to do. I’m tired and frustrated. I thought this WAEC would be good but it wasn’t. I almost shed tears when I checked my results yesterday in the cyber café. I studied hard for all these exams but I don’t know what is wrong. I don’t even have the boldness to face my parents again to tell them one sad story or the order. The Truth is, I don’t think I’m at fault, Seriously, I wish I could demand for my exam booklet, I think government should look into the marking scheme or something. I know my intellectual capabilities and I don’t see why my mathematics or English results will always be poor. Now, I have no other choice but to enroll for another exam.’

‘If it is not NECO that out students are failing its WAEC, JAMB or Post UME, this matter is has been haunting us for years now. We need to understand education in Nigeria isn’t as I used to be before. We need a government that will revive the educational sector. This is the same reason many of our youths travel abroad to study; poor educational system. 

When I read in the papers that about 70% of WAEC candidates failed to obtain credits in the 5 compulsory subjects, i wasn’t surprised. The sad part of it all is that we may still get the same outcome in the 2014 NECO results that is yet to be released. I remember my WAEC back in 1999, I made all my subjects in 1 sitting with credits; back we had sound education. I don’t know what is going on in Nigeria today. Let’s pray that God gives us a leader who will invest seriously on Education in Nigeria’
Mr. Henry Ikechukwu- Lagos

This WAEC people are no smiling o, So 70% failed, where would the now go. Its to now register for GCE, that’s if its not too late. So sorry for them, I hope they already have their Math and English in other results but me I’m so happy; when I saw my biology result, it was like a dream come true. I already have my English and Maths, I passed it last year so I hope on gaining admission in two sittings. I took a risk earlier this year by applying for admission with an awaiting result, and it has finally paid off. I was so afraid that before. Its just like a huge burden has been taken of me. There is God !!!!.
Chidinma – Ikeja

Just like what Adedayo said, I would advice all prospective candidates to stay clear from all activities that may distract them from their studies when preparing for an exam. O levels exams can be very difficult; I remember how stressful it was for me and my friends back then, trying to make all papers in one sitting. After a few trials some of my friends settled for two sittings, I was lucky to get mine once. Its like it requires 70% intelligence and 30% luck. For the of NECO candidates, I hope the results wouldn’t be as poor as the one ~ My Opinion

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  3. i know some of you will be afraid to check your result.just go and check because no matter how long you wait the result will still be the same so just check now so you will know what to do.a friend of mine gave me a number of a waec official that can help me to upgrade my physic i called him and explained and now its ok so go check now to know what to do.his number is 07032076032 call him and explain yourself then he will help.


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