NYSC: Registration of Foreign Trained Graduates Can Now Be Done Online

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Some months ago I wrote about some of the problems foreign graduates experience during their NYSC registration at NYSC office Abuja, Well according to the news posted on NYSC website early this week, all that is now over.

The whole process has been made a lot easier; now registration for both foreign and locally training graduates can now be done online.  The management of NYSC stated that from now on all registrations will now be done online at www.nysc.org.ng or portal.nysc.gov.ng
The best part is, after registration, you can now obtain your Call-Up Letters via Email or SMS, and all you have to do is pay the sum of 4,000.00 using any Bank’s ATM Card or the PIN Vending option from any bank in Nigeria.

 You can get more information about the process on NYSC website.

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