NYSC: Call-Up Letters Now N4,000, Corps Members to be Screened

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It was said earlier that starting from the next 2014 batch (Batch C), all prospective corps members can now do their registration online. The Nation Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has now given all prospective corps member an option to print their Call-Up letters online for a fee of N4,000. The major purpose of this is to ease the stress of going back to school to pick up call-up letters. But that is why the whole process is optional. Any student can still choose to obtain his/her Call-Up letter in person from the university.

The Management of the NYSC stated that as from 2015, all prospective corps members will have to obtain their call-up letters online. The management of the scheme also stated that some advantages of printing your Call-Up letter online are the “ability to posses multiple call-up letters” and “accelerated camp orientation processing”, and these are such advantages which every prospective corps member desires.

They have been cases whereby people lay complains regarding misplaced or damaged call-up letters, all this can now be avoided because corps members will have multiple letters. Also, The method of payment is quite simple, its can be done online using your bank ATM card or via the PIN vending option from banks in Nigeria.

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NYSC May Screen Corp Member for Ebola
As a safety measure the NYSC is contemplating on to introducing screening devices to orientation camps. The NYSC programme is to commence is a couple of weeks and the country is battling to control the spread on the deadly Ebola Virus disease (EVD). Earlier in the week the Federal Government announce that all private and government schools are to remain shut in order to prevent further causalities.

Over the weekend the Director General of NYSC confirmed the government intention of deploying screening gadget to orientation camps all over the country, as this would enable then determine the health status of every corps member coming into camp.

Brig. General Johnson made it known that the clinics all NYSC camps in the country are fully equipped to help combat the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus. He also applauded the corps members for the positive efforts made towards the nations developments.

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